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If you've bleached your hair and it still has some unwanted brassy tones, then white toner is a great way to mute them.

Because white toner is a 'purple' shade as such, it will help counteract any orange tones in the hair to make them less orange.  It's colour theory!

The effects will vary depending on hair condition, how brassy the tones are and how long you leave the toner on for. If you have very light blonde/white hair it can also turn the hair purple, so keep this in mind. 

This product will not 'dye' your hair white. It is a toner, so can help you achieve white hair if the hair has been bleached correctly. 

Colour: White Toner

Size: 88ml

Always do a strand test before full application

Wear gloves and cover nearby surfaces as product can stain skin and surfaces

This product won't have any affect on dark hair

Vegan and cruelty free

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