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Our exclusive thermal colour change (heat reactive) crimped textured hair is a unique type of hair that changes colour with the application of heat.

Clouds is a greyish blue shade which changes to a very light greyish white colour. Clouds is quite 'swirly' at room temperature with both colours showing at once in warmer temperatures indoors. 

  • 1 x Approx 50gm pack
  • 48" approx (24" when folded)
  • Texture is crimped like traditional jumbo braid and hair is wavy
  • Will change colour with application of heat, from as little as a firm touch from your hands
  • Changes back to original colour when cooled but may stay as two colours in room temperature
  • To change colour, use heat from a heat pack or warm water. Change back to original colour with cool water.
  • Image shows hot colour on the bottom and cold colour on the top
  • Base colour is greyish blue, once heated goes a very light greyish-white
  • Suitable for adding to synthetic dreads and braiding hair styles
  • Do not use heated appliances on this hair as it will melt

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