Compliments Ceramic Curling Tongs
Compliments Ceramic Curling Tongs

Compliments Ceramic Curling Tongs

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Compliments Ceramic Curling Tongs.
  • 19mm Ceramic Barrel with Safety Cool Tip
  • Adjustable Temperature Control
  • Ultra Fast Heating
  • Spring Loaded Curling Barrel
  • Ergonomic Rubberise Design
  • 2.75m Tangle Free Swivel Cable
  • FREE Heat Resistant Mat

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This item is FREE due to the following reason.  Although in new, good working order, we are offering this item free due to the degradation of the rubberised coating.  Much like you may find in some car interiors, this rubber will go sticky over time.  This has happened in the case of this dryer.  Sometimes it is possible to remove this stickiness with Isoproyl alcholol on a rag.  If you are happy to give this a go yourself at home, then grab yourself a bargain in this FREE Curling Tong!  The degradation of the rubber is the ONLY issue with this item.  It is in perfect working order.

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