We're back!

Wow, that took a long time!  Well, 4 years.  Almost to the day in fact.  

So what's been going on?

Well, since we closed, we've been working hard in the back ground.  We've built up the professional hair extensions supply and training side of the business (Revega Hair Extensions), and we've been constantly sourcing jumbo braid and negotiating prices with manufacturers.

The reason we stopped selling jumbo braid back in 2016 was due to price.  The Brexit decision (whether you are team Leave or Remain) had a detrimental effect on currency, and therefore costs went up.  Unfortunately due to the retail price already being driven down by bargain companies, this left us with zero margin and an unsustainable business.

Finally, now in 2020 we have been able to source some amazing new products, along with our original range for a sustainable and acceptable price point.  Price matching or bettering the majority of hair companies around the world, but offering a larger pack size than we used to and the best quality.

We've also ditched the cardboard inserts from our packaging.  As this not only helps keep the price down, but reduces waste.  

Our prices are as low as we can make them whilst offering the highest quality products.  The effect of Coronavirus on the world and business has significantly increased import and export prices across the board, and so unfortunately the increase from our prices of 4 years ago was inevitable.

We want you all to know, that we will always do the best prices possible, and if our costs lower, so will our prices.  We will always give you the best value, hence increasing pack size, so you get more for your hard earned money :)

We also continue to innovate and be the first to UK market with a number of items such as our brand new Heat Reactive and Light Reactive Jumbo Braid.  Plus our new Pro Kanekalon Range, which is just beautiful to work with.  We'll also be adding new colour blends and designs as often as we can.  All available for same day dispatch.

We've also got a brand new range of human hair extensions.  Beautiful Russian Remy hair in many colours, blends and styles.  Available in pre-bonded, tape, i-tip microrings, nano rings, and wefts!  This range is huge and so we have a 5-7 working day dispatch time on these to enable us to offer you everything.  Though most will ship even sooner :)

The more you support us, the more we can stock for you :)

...So where are we at right now?  

Well, Covid is doing its best to prevent all this, but we're fighting back!  We have 3 large shipments left to arrive - Our NEW Pro Kanekalon range, our Original Super soft Kanekalon range and our Low Temperature Fibre range.  Since these make up the bulk of what we'll be offering, we are waiting for them to arrive before launching.  

One or two shipments are due before Christmas, but Covid hold ups at airports and ports can cause potential hold ups.

Once we have received at least 2 of these 3 shipments, we will launch :)  

We hope before Christmas.

...What else are we doing?  

Well, Sweeties and other freebies will now have their own 'opt in' listing to ensure those who want freebies can have them, and those who would rather not, can avoid (though we can't imagine who wouldn't!).  You just need to go to the FREE tab on the website when it is live, and add a freebie to your cart :)

As if that wasn't enough, we've also created a brand new rewards program.  Click on the star icon, bottom right of the website.  There you can sign up to 'Skull points' which will allow you to earn points to collect towards rewards on site.  You can earn points from purchases and various actions.  So check that out!

That's all for now.  We're sorry that Covid delays have put us back on our original schedule, but it's important to start with the correct amount of stock to keep our restock calendar in check going forward.

It'll all be worth the wait, we promise you! 

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