International Shipping post Brexit - What a nightmare!

So, as you may have noticed, a lot of companies have just stopped shipping outside of the UK.  This is mainly due to the lack of concrete rules and guidance on the subject, and the addition of excessive courier surcharges and then customs and VAT charges on receipt. 

After much research on the subject, and from recent experience, we have decided to continue shipping internationally, but will explain the differences here so that you know what to expect when buying from us. 

We are not currently a VAT registered company, as we have just relaunched as a small company.  This means that we do not charge you VAT on purchases.  It also means that now we have left the EU, that VAT and duty (and possibly handling charges) will likely be charged to you by your country when your parcel arrives. 

These charges vary from country to country and state to state depending on where you are located, as you all have different % rates. So you would need to individually check with your local carriers to get an idea of what these would be. We cannot tell you. 

As a registered business, we MUST mark the parcel with its true value.  We cannot undervalue a parcel to avoid charges for you.  

Parcels shipped from Northern Ireland are not subject to these same terms as they remain in the single market and can continue to trade freely with the EU as far as we understand at this time. 

Every country will have a VAT threshold for goods. We suggest you check this. If you keep the value of your order under this, you will not be charged VAT.


The charges applied because the Brexit ‘deal’ are causing disruption and issues for many UK and EU businesses who used to trade freely.  Many businesses now closing their doors as their majority trade was to the EU and is now unaffordable. 

It is obviously from recent news reports and seeing businesses suffer, that this new way of trading is not working. We hope to see a positive change in the near future. 

Until then, please continue to support businesses where you can, they are trying their best in this difficult situation, fighting extra charges from Brexit and delays and surcharges from Covid.  Please be kind and be patient. We’ll work together to find affordable solutions and update you when there are any significant changes. 

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