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Colour Matching

Colour matching is one of the difficulties of buying hair extensions online. Every computer monitor or handheld device will display colours slightly differently due to the set up, resolution, brightness, contrast etc. This means that colour charts should be used as a guide only, and cannot be relied upon to give a 100% accurate portrayal of a colour.

At Diversity Hair, we have taken the time to adjust all colours in our colour charts to be exactly true to life by our eye and our computer monitor. This ensures that that they are as accurate as it is possible for them to be, but you may still see it differently.

The best thing to do when buying extensions is to either purchase a colour ring or email us to ask for samples (if we have them we're happy to send you some) or to send us a picture and or a small snippet of your hair to match for you. We are know for our accurate colour matching ;)

When it comes to synthetic dreads, an exact match isnt always necessary, as when braided into your hair, different shades of brown will merge and look natural. Though if you are blonde and wanting black dreads, maybe rethink your choice if you want it to look natural.

When matching clip ins and other loose extensions, it is very important to get the best match you can else the extensions will be very noticeable. For this, either ensure you are familiar with the colours in the brand you are buying, purchase a colour ring or ask us for assistance.